Australian Government Leadership Program for Youth

The Australian Government is funding to support the Adelaide Football Club on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. This initiative, involving $300,000 investment, is taken to run an intensive Youth Leadership Program for nearly 30 Aboriginal students.

Young men and women would be supported on the basis of their senior school studies. Schools and local community mentors will select the youngsters having interest in school, community and sports activities and also have participated at school level.

This program will help young generation to build their talent and awareness in leadership and governance. They will be able to set goals and make prospects for growth and development inside their communities.

The program will be under the guidance of renowned leaders from South Australia. They will teach and support the students in their life and make them successful by helping in their learning process. It will endorse school attendance, individual freedom and establish links into further  education, trainings and other job opportunities.

This Youth Leadership Program will be linked with various ongoing programs such as the South Australian National Football League’s Indigenous Traineeship Program, South Australian Aboriginal Sports Carnival etc.

The people who will give outstanding performance in the Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program have chance to get selected to continue in the Adelaide Football Club’s Future Leaders Program.

Vaishali Arora

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